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Trove of Lost Kipling Chess Writings Recently Discovered

Stuffed behind the cushions of an old chair at London's renowned 19th century Chess divan Simpson's-in-the-Strand, maintenance staff discovered the crumpled pages of a partially finished manuscript purportedly written by the hand of Rudyard Kipling. Entitled "So--", the verses were composed with the exact meter and structure as Kipling's famous Poem "If--", and offer sagely advice on the subject of chess:


In addition to the intriguing poem, workers also found the opening chapter to an unfinished story entitled "The Jungle Bok", which chronicles the exploits of a young Dutch chess prodigy named Benni and his adventures in the jungles of India.

Exclusive Batumi Olympiad News and Updates

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Chess Obituary Pilot Episode Released
A pilot episode for a proposed new series entitled Chess Obituary was recently released after having been scrapped during production late last year. Sponsored by Carlsen Gardens Post Mortem Services, the show is meant to chronicle recent high profile losses in the chess community. Writer/Director William L. McQueen, who has been pushing to get the program off the ground, decided to release the rough cut in order to rekindle interest and garner publicity for the program.